Ardoise is a French word with the meaning of Fine – grained metamorphic rock which is made as a thin layer and sheets with smooth surface.

eyvanit Ardoise is produced by undergoing a pressure of 100 to 150 kg/cm² on its surface to be compressed and gain the same properties as natural Ardoise and for this reason mechanical properties and resistance against weathering is more than flat sheets and is closer to the properties of natural rocks.

Ardoise is a light coverage, impenetrable and beautiful that gives a classic look to villas and the façade of the buildings with high gradient.

Ardoise is carefully cut and hole-drilled to decrease installation time.

Ardoise installation tools, packaging details and properties:

Dimensions: 300by600 mm

Thickness: 4mm

Flexural strength: 220 kg/cm2

Number in a box: 10

Number in a pallet: 1020

Number used to cover 1 m2: 17

Number of truss or girder under the frame work: 900 mm

Framing distance under the foundation : 200 mm

Dimensions of wooden beams under the foundation: 30by40 mm

Required fastener: 2 galvanized nails and 1 crampon

Installation details of Ardoise avanet