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Baverce Company

Leader of producing non asbestos fiber cement sheets in Iran

About Baverce Company

After many years of research Baverce succeeded at substitute the asbestos fibers from fiber cement industry with natural cellulose fibers and artificial fibers of poly vinyl alcohol (PVA). By distributing asbestos free, flat and corrugated sheets Baverce ensured the concern surrounding the use of asbestos in the sheets used to cover ceiling and inner and outer walls of buildings. Baverce was founded 22 years ago by the experts of fiber cement industry and concrete industry. Parallel to producing armed concrete for the sewer system and gathering of water on surface, Baverce has had an extensive cooperation with factories producing fiber cement including the field of execution of new plans and providing the spare pieces and technical consulting. After many years of research and studying and successful results using non dangerous natural and artificial fibers instead of asbestos this company has designed and launched a production line of corrugated and flat compressed sheets and since the year 1392 it’s products are being distributed under the brand of Eyvanit-Baverce

Baverce co. inaugurated the a factory producing concrete pipes located at industrial suburb ivanaki and since the prohibition of entry of asbestos to the country started the plan of asbestos free cement fibers in 1388 and by launching it in 1391 completed the baverce production corporation

First step

Due to the need of sewer based projects of the country Baverce Corporation designed and launched the product line of sewer pipes in multiple locations across the country.


Baverce co. was established in 1370 by the experts of cement and concrete industry especially in the field of cement fiber industry. Due to extensive knowledge of production facilities related to the constitution of the company, the primary goals of baverce co. was to consult in optimization of industries, design and execution of development plans and providing the special tools of production lines and due these goals an extensive collaboration was made with companies producing cement fibers.


Baverce co., producer of cement fibers regarding the standard of ISO 9001:2008 acts under the below commandment to ensure the optimization of execution and continued improvement of its plans and activities:Production of high quality products using cutting edge technology, use of efficient human resources, and production of green products corresponded with environment standards, correction of shortcomings and continuing improvement in every level of the company, increasing the capabilities of employees through educational courses, trying to reach the micro and macro strategies of the company to ensure steady development and entering the global market using the wide selection of products.

Honors and certifications

Certificate of INSO 12276 from Iranian National Standardization Organization
Technical certification from Ministry of Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center of Iran corresponding with the standard of BS EN 12467
Certificate of ISO 9001: 2008

Holding the conformation of zoblin company (Germany) regarding the installation of machinery in 1375
Holding the conformation of industrial development investing company regarding the production and installation of sheet production line in 1380
Letter of gratitude from sewer department of Tehran for being the first provider of sewer concrete pipes
Technical certification from the research base of housing and roads department

Member of Iran’s design and assembly community
Member of the board of leaders of experts of water and sewage
Product gallery
  • Flat sheets

    Eyvanit-Baverce flat sheets under the standard of BS EN 12467 come in two kinds of high density (HD) and medium density (MD) in two resistance classes of 3 and 4 and a class under the technical license of research base of the housing and roads department.

  • Undulant sheets

    Corrugated sheets of Eyvanit-Baverce with CIX class under the standard of national standard organization of Iran by the number of INSO 12276 and the standard of BS EN 494 are produced as the finest coverage for roofs and facade

  • Concrete pipes

    Concrete pipes produced in diameter range of 600mm to 2540 mm under the standard of Iran ISIRI 8906 and international standard of ASTM C76M.

  • Introduction of clip-on polymer cover inside of concrete pipes (V-Grip)

  • Cement products

    Producer of various cement products

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    Office address:
    Unit 10, 10th floor, Zarrin Tower (No. 19), Ghasr Crossroad, Tehran, Iran.
    Telephone:    +9821 88503316

    Factory address:
    End of 9th Sanat, Sanat St., Eyvanakey Industrial Zone, Eyvanakey, Semnan Province, Iran.
    Telephone: +9823 34583227-8
    Fax: +9823 344583229
    Baverce co.

    Baverce: gifting the building industry with green coverage and producer of asbestos free concrete products using natural cellulose fibers and artificial poly vinyl alcohol.