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About Baverce

About Baverce

Baverce was founded in December 1991-January 1992, by expert engineers in the fields of the fiber cement industry and the concrete industry. In the early years, the company produced reinforced concrete pipes to be used in the sewerage systems and surface waters collection systems. It also cooperated extensively with numerous Iranian fiber cement factories, by giving technical consultations, designing machinery, and launching production lines. After several years of research, examination, and experimentation, Baverce engineers succeeded in substituting the asbestos fiber, traditionally used in the fiber cement industry which is proved to be highly harmful to the environment, with the eco-friendly natural cellulose fiber and artificial polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) fiber. In 2012, Baverce launched the pioneering production line of non-asbestos corrugated and flat compressed sheets up to high sustainability standards, under the brand of Eyvanit Baverce Company (Private Joint Stock).


While some corporations in the country have modified their production lines to eliminate azbest from their products, baverce production line has been specifically designed and launched to produce azbest-free products. Baverce holds the INSO 12276 standard from national standard association for undulant cement fibers and technical certification of the research base of housing and roads department corresponding with BS EN 12467 standard for flat cement fiber products.

Industrial facility
Eyvanit Baverce factory is located in the Eyvanekey Industrial Estate, on an area of 16800 square meters, including the following facilities:
• Concrete pipe production line
• Concrete pipe storage unit
• Non-asbestos fiber cement sheets production line
• Non-asbestos fiber cement sheets storage unit
• Technical services, generators, and compressors unit
• Equipment and raw materials storage unit
• Office and laboratory
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Our Management
Industrial engineering Mechanical engineering branch from UTA university of the U.S.A
Hamid Haj Abbasgholi
Mechanic engineer from Tehran univercity
Mahmoud Torab Ansari
Member of Board
Mechanic engineering from Tehran univercity
Mohammadreza Salehkarimi
Head of Board of Directors

Contact us

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    Office address:
    Eyvanit Baverce Company, Unit 10, 10thfloor, Zarrin Tower, Ghasr Crossroads, Tehran, Iran.
    Phone:    +982188503316

    Factory address:
    Eyvanit Baverce Company, Sanat 9, Eyvanekey Industrial Estate, Garmsar County, Semnan Province, Iran.
    Phone: +982334583227-8
    Fax: +9823344583229
    Baverce co.

    Baverce: gifting the building industry with green coverage and producer of asbestos free concrete products using natural cellulose fibers and artificial poly vinyl alcohol.