History of asbestos termination in Iran


In the 16th environmental department act, the necessity of asbestos elimination was approved and the task was given to a committee by the name of committee of planning the elimination of asbestos in factories.


In the second day 1379 of mordad The committee decided to completely eliminate asbestos in 7 years.


In the 15th of mordad of 1387 as the deadline had been crossed and the production and use of asbestos had not been stopped, the chief of presidents office issued a letter to the environmental department, by the order of the president,  to stop all asbestos use until a suitable substitute has been found . The director of industrial mines of the industry ministry issued the order in the same day. Considering the pressure by the environmental department to enforce the 16th act of the high council of environmental department, in the 1389 16th day of aban the industry minister issued a letter to the first council of the president to keep using white asbestos only, until a suitable substitute is available and as soon as such substitute is introduced, within 6 months all use of white asbestos will be stopped.


In 1390 khordads first, after surpassing the due deadline by nearly 3 years, the environment preservation department issued an order to stop all use and importation of asbestos.


In 1390 khordads the 4th, the manager of industrial mine department of industry ministry expressed his concern regarding the closer of factories to the council of industry minister. The labor minister in 1390 tir’s 12th, issued a letter to the president insisting on the permission asked in 1380 aban’s 16th and asked for the act of foundational industry and environment act by the number of 446557 in the 24th day of tir of 1389 to be issued.


At the end, the first council of the president issued a letter banning any kind of asbestos use in the process of factories including spare machine parts and construction materials. In this letter the use of asbestos in the production of pressured and sewer pipes was allowed under certain conditions until the 1391 shahrivar’s 31 day and the deadline was announced none renewable.


In 1390, baverce co. considering the 20 years of experience in this field and considering the necessity of replacing asbestos in the fiber cement industry started to launch the plan of asbestos free fiber cement sheets in its own concrete pipe factory.