Cement board production by flow-on method

The difference between the flow-on method and the screen tank production method is in the process of material production on the felt. The concentration of watery materials in this machine is higher and the solid containments of watery materials is more which are directly transferred through the transfer mechanism.

Advantages in comparison to screening tank:

  • The production machinery is simpler and requires less investment.
  • The volume of returned water is lower and the machinery is simpler and takes less space
  • Watery material can form with any kind of accessible fiber and material and there is no special treatment required for keeping the fiber
  • and the matrix on the felt. This is why the production is without complication and easy to do.

Disadvantages of this machine:

  • The vertical and horizontal distribution of fibers is not done properly compared to the screen tank method.
  • Due to the fact that in this machine the layers of the product are less than the screen tank method the strength of products produced in this method are less than products produced by screen tank method.
  • High risk of layer separation due to bigger layer thickness and less resistance against bad geographic situation compared to products produced by screen tank.
  • The production volume is lower than the dual screen tank.
  • High risk of density difference in sheet.

These are the reasons that few fiber cement producers use these method although its simpler.