Detailed installation of ivanet flat sheets

Bedding of installation of ivanet flat sheets:

  1. Wooden or steel beams used for installation must be up to the common code of building construction
  2. Beams must have necessary mechanical properties.
  3. Frame case supporting the flat sheets must be connected to the celling or the floor and the sheets should not tolerate any load because of this connection.
  4. Maximum distance for inner or outer walls for beams is 600 millimeters
  5. Bedding beams should be made in a manner that the edge of the sheets can be placed on them and be completely supported by them.
  6. Width of supporting beams should not be less than 38 mm.


To install glazed tile or earthenware (for bathrooms) on ivanet flat sheets below conditions must apply:

  1. Colum beams distance must be decreased to 400 mm.
  2. The distance between horizontal beams must be below 900 mm.
  3. Inner and outer edges and the surface of the sheets must be covered by water-proof concrete caulk
  4. Before installing glazed tile or earthenware make sure that the surface of the sheets are clean and doesn’t have any dust or oil on it.
  5. Use special glazed tile paste and apply it one meter at a time.
  6. Push the glazed tile on the paste to eliminate any air bubbles that may occur in the paste.
  7. The special paste must be made and used according to the instructions made by the manufacturer
  8. To install bathtubs or shower-bathes act according to below details



Method of installation and adjustment of avanet flat sheets in the façade of the building:

  1. Its recommended that the seam between the sheets on column and horizontal beams be alike or in other words aligned.
  2. It is recommended that the width of supporting surface of the sheets be at least 75 mm so installing wrenches in 20 mm of the sheets be possible.
  3. Horizontal Framing for 10mm flat sheets the maximum distance for horizontal beams must be 800 mm and for 12mm flat sheets it must be 900 mm.
  4. In Vertical framing the maximum distance for beams must be 600mm.

Vertical framing method: 1- seam between sheets 10mm 2- width of supporting surface must be at least 75mm

Horizontal framing: 1-seam between sheets 10 mm 2- the width of supporting surface must be at least 75mm